Pattern on Repeat

There’s always so much talk about how to mix patterns in a room. But, how do you feel about using just one pattern on repeat?


Marianne Simon Design


  • This can be a really high-end designer look, but you have to commit. . .
  • Totally takes the guesswork out of pattern mixing!
  • A fresh, modern print will keep this approach from looking old-fashioned.
  • Easy to add an accent color, but stick to one so it doesn’t look too busy.
  • I’ve been searching Spoonflower a lot lately, and it’s a great site for achieving this look. Almost all of their patterns are offered in both fabric and (removable) wallpaper.

Bows black on white


“Bows black on white” pattern

PS—Are you all also having issues with the Pinterest search feature? Such a pain this morning. . .

PPS—Are you snowed in where you live??




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I do like the repeat pattern look. I like how they piped the bed in black to give it some definition. I also prefer the look in a more graphic pattern like this one. I can’t really get behind the heavy florals. Richmond got rain and a little ice, but everyone made it to school YAY!

I feel like it very much depends on the pattern because it can go very 80s. #datingmyself This I like very much! It is simple so it doesn’t overpower the room.

We are snowed in! Have had fires going all morning, so we are toasty.

I’ve seen pictures of room like this that I like & some I don’t. In the future I’ll have to look more closely at them to figure out what it is that I like.
We got some snow here in the western burbs of Chicago but not much compared to the northern burbs. Or what they got out east.

I’m not loving it. It feels stuffy. I know everything comes around again, but this reminds me of my childhood and houses where there were plastic covers on furniture. I think I’m a pattern mixing kind of gal.

I appreciate the aesthetic in a magazine, but could never commit in my own home. I too am reminded when I see these of those Laura Ashley rooms of the late 80s/early 90s!

And we too are snowed in, though so far it’s not as bad as predicted. But being cooped up is only intensifying my spring fever!

I love this but think it is because of the simplicity. Add more color and you lose that.

Coastal NC is sunny and cold today. No snow.

I think it’s cute — maybe too trendy. If my girls were still little, I would do it! I love the bows! And, yes, we are getting lake effect snow — not totally snowed in, but at the moment, it is snowing like crazy! (we live in NW IN — 40 mi. east of Chicago)

Some rooms with repeated pattern look gorgeous and some don’t. It’s definitely not for me as we move too often and I always look for versatile solutions.
Problems with pinterest since last night :(
Beautiful day in Houston, TX, perfect for a little gardening :)

I would like it with a very graphic pattern but not with flowing lines or florals. Could look really clean and crisp. I’ll need to watch for it more. May be something I like to look at but not implement. Of course that may be because we finished some re-do’s if bedroom and changing again makes me queasy. Ha!

YES to Pinterest issues today.!!! I was looking up some ideas for lessons at school and got no where for a while. #somuchforaplanningperiod

No snow in Atlanta area. Just really cold and windy

I hate it. It looks like a person who doesn’t have any imagination and kept it on the repeat button.

They forecasted 12-18 inches of snow and we got about 5. I’m so glad they were wrong once again.

Have you seen the movie Nine Lives in which Kevin Spacey becomes a cat for his daughter’s 11th birthday? The daughter’s bedroom was a stunning display of pattern on repeat. The same fun fabric was on the drapes, wallpaper, and bedding. The kitchen was jaw-dropping as well — miles of countertop. And my kids and I enjoyed the story, too. :)

Gaah, that would make me dizzy and think I was in a time warp. But, like previous commenters said, it’s coming back. Like greens and golds are once again!