A Small Thanksgiving & Making the Effort

For the last couple of years, we’ve decided to stay home for Thanksgiving instead of making the loooong trek to Kentucky in a crowded mini-van.  And, it’s nice.  There’s something to be said for not spending every second of your vacation traveling and just being home, with little to do and few places to go.


Thanksgiving table 


So, it’s just us for Thanksgiving dinner.  And, while I envision everyone sitting down to a beautifully set table and a real meal (like the kind with more than one side) that everyone eats and then ask for seconds, I know the reality will most likely be different. 

Either way, I think it’s still important to make the effort when our kids are little.  I like the idea of making holidays feel special, even if it’s just the seven of us, and even if they’d be happier eating a whole meal of Cheese-Its than green bean casserole.  I like the idea of starting traditions with them now, even if it turns into a fiasco, with hair-pulling and whining. 


black and gold Thanksgiving table setting


And, I like the idea idea of sitting a pretty table for the occasion—keeping it simple, of course.  For this set up, I added little touches of black and gold by spray painting some apples (easy!) and adding a cute new set of owl salt and pepper shakers.


I also made these placecard/postcards by using this free printable and taping on an old family photo.  (For bigger family gatherings, these could be good conversation starters, and guests could write what they’re thankful for on the back. . . )


Thanksgiving place holder


If your Thanksgiving celebration is small, what do you do to still make it special? 


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Thanks to Target for partnering with me on creating #MyKindOfHoliday and providing me with a gift card.  You know Target is one of my favorite places, anyway, and a great stop if you need to make your Thanksgiving table special (whether your kids appreciate it or not).  See more of their holiday entertaining collection here:


Vegetable Centerpieces

I’ve been noticing a lot of beautiful centerpieces lately that can be recreated almost completely from the produce section at your grocery store.  Using vegetables instead of—or alongside—fresh flowers is a really pretty option for your Thanksgiving table that says “bountiful harvest” instead of “happy turkey day.”


Thanksgiving centerpiece

The Daily Basics



vegetable centerpiece

The Kitchn



vegetable table arrangement

United With Love



Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas using fruit and vegetables

Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll



 vegetables in crate




vegetable and flower centerpiece

Design Sponge



The trick to creating one of these centerpieces seems to be simple layering in a pretty (low) container.  This isn’t the place to get crafty.  Otherwise, it might end up looking like one of those creations on a cruise ship buffet. . .  I found this video on Pottery Barn’s YouTube channel to show you how easy—and fast—one of these arrangements can be:


Easter Inspiration

Easter is one of my favorite holidays, but to be honest, Easter decorating scares me a little.

You know what I mean.

So, to inspire the skeptic in me, here are a few Easter/Spring decor ideas that I do, in fact, like.

How do you feel about Easter decorating?