A Fabric Find (If You Still Love Dragons)

Chiang Mai Dragon Fabric

Little Green Notebook


In case you’re still loving the pricy—and popular—Chiang Mai Dragon fabric and haven’t gotten your hands on any, I just discovered this fabric (while looking for something else, of course) and wanted to share.  It’s made by Dwell Studio and is pretty reasonably priced at around $22/yard.


Dwell Studio Ming Dragon Fabric




I especially love it in this deep blue “admiral” color and just ordered a couple of yards for a little update I’m doing. . .

Ming Dragon fabric in admiral

How To Buy “To The Trade” Fabrics

When I first started doing design work, I quickly realized that there was a limit to how creative you could be if you only shopped at the same one or two fabric stores.  Once I officially opened my design business, I figured out that I could access “to the trade only” fabrics at a discount by obtaining a tax ID number and setting up accounts with those fabric manufacturers. 

 how to buy to the trade designer fabrics

fabrics for this client room (most of these are made by Duralee)


So, what does this mean for all of the non-designers in the world that just want to buy pretty fabrics without hiring a designer?  You can still get them.  A lot of you reading my blog already know all about this, but for those who don’t, I thought you might be interested. 


Schumacher Chiang Mai fabric


Since some fabric manufacturers require that you set up a business account to purchase, or require a minimum order, there are buying services that act as the middle man.  My sponsor, House of Pemberley, happens to be one.  I asked Kimber how she typically charges for fabrics, and she told me that she usually marks up her cost by 20% and doesn’t require a minimum purchase—unless the company does.  (Most don’t.)


Lee Jofa Groundworks Confetti fabric



House of Pemberley has some fabric listed by the yard on their site (as well as ready-made pillow covers) but they can order almost anything, if you search fabric sites (like Quadrille, Schumacher, Kravet, etc.,) and find something you like.




You can also find a limited selection of designer fabrics now on sites like Fabric.com and HouseFabric.comEtsy has also opened up a whole world of access to pillows and home decor items in “to the trade” fabrics.  (If you find a pillow you like but need more of the fabric, a buying service like House of Pemberley can usually order more.)


Hope this helps and clears up some of the mystery of those elusive to the trade fabrics. . .

Saturday Fabric Shopping


Last weekend, I had to go to my local fabric store to pick up embroidery thread for some pillows I’m having made.  Since that wasn’t very exciting, I also wandered up and down the fabric aisles and snapped some pictures of a few that caught my eye. . .





I love this bold ikat.  It came in several colors and was just $12.98/yard.  In fact, I have a sample of the yellow currently hanging in our kitchen that’s under serious consideration.






I thought this map fabric could be really cool covering a big bulletin board . . .





Or, used on a ready-made shade. . . (Like the ones I blogged about here.)


Boy?s bedroom with planets

 Better Homes & Gardens



I also saw a couple of fabrics that could make great artwork.  Like this architectural one:






And, these bright butterflies and bugs:





Fabric can become a big piece of inexpensive art if wrapped around a canvas like this:


fabric-covered canvas

Tobi Fairley



I’m not in the market for any florals right now, but I really loved this one with the blooming peacock:





And, this orange and pink one:





More ikat. . .





And, some fun geometrics:






I also spotted some great outdoor fabrics.  I’m already plotting new pillows for our patio next summer:





And, for those who are wondering, I went shopping for fabrics here.  It’s not my absolute favorite place to go, but the prices lure me in.  If you’re looking for some online sources for fabrics, Kate at Centsational Girl recently put together a great list here.


What about you?  Any great fabric finds lately?