Summer At Our House

Maybe it’s because it’s the time of the year we bought the house and I first fell in love with it, but I love Summer here more than any other time of the year.



I love being surrounded by green.



I love eating outside (when we actually do).

I love thinking I might be a gardener one day.



I love to see beach towels hanging in the hallway instead of backpacks.

I love cutting flowers from our yard.



I love long days.

And, I love summer decorating.



Driftwood, sea shells, hydrangeas, leafy branches. It’s easy and relaxed, with so much natural texture to be found.














I think our house was made for Summer.

What’s your home’s best season?

Spraying Glass To Add Texture

Some girls like to try new lipsticks. I like to try new products I find in the spray paint aisle. While I was there getting some other colors, I saw this and was curious about how it worked:

Rippled Effect for spraying glass

I thought you might be, too.

So, for fun, I sprayed a little mirror hanging by our front door:

spraying a mirror


It’s kind of a fun effect. And, much quicker than “antiquing” a mirror. (You can see I probably sprayed it on a little thick, though.)

spray painting mirrored glass


I also used it on a couple of glass vases. I sprayed the bottom of one and the top of the other and tied them both with some twine for a little texture. It’s a good way to make all of those inexpensive glass vases you can always find at Goodwill look a little older. I used them on our patio table, but I think a grouping of these would make a pretty centerpiece.


(I’m using the lid from this box as a tray.)

spraying glass


And, for kicks, I thought I’d show you why I’ve learned to be the fastest blog photographer on the planet. I took about three pictures for this post and was suddenly overtaken:







Rearranging Our Living Room Furniture & Adding A Coffee Table

You may have noticed in last week’s post about our sofa table that I changed up the seating arrangement in our living room a little. We don’t hang out in here as much since we built the new den, so I felt like I could get rid of a chair and open things up a little. It’s not a huge room, and the sofa is pretty much tied to one spot. This is how it’s been for a while:

3b living-room

Usually, it’s just me watching this TV, and the end of the couch is my seat of choice. I also felt like the coffee table was a little on the small side. (It’s actually more of an end table, I guess.)

I took out the corner armless chair (and moved it to the bedroom upstairs) and used the pair of slipcovered chairs (these from PB) on each side of the fireplace. This also let me pull the sofa in a little.

living room slipcovered chairs


And, it made room for the fretwork coffee table I found at a second hand store a few weeks ago, when I wasn’t really looking for a coffee table. (Don’t you love when that happens?) It really makes me feel happier about the whole space.

fretwork coffee table


coffee table styling

Lots of room to accessorize. (And, I’ve only caught the twins jumping off of it a few times!)

accessorizing a coffee table

neutral livng room

living room decorating


living room furniture arrangement