Quiet Mornings

As you can imagine, mornings around here can feel like a tornado came through the house—and then we’re out the door. But, I’ve been fortunate this school year that my husband has been able to take our oldest two to school a couple of mornings a week. This means a precious hour of silence for me (if I’m lucky) before anyone else gets up.


Instead of rushing to my computer, I’ve been trying to sit for a few minutes, drink my coffee, read, pray. This has taken some discipline for my busy-body self, but I need it (worse than I need to clean out my inbox).

And, I thought I’d share with you what I’m reading. A lot of mornings, I read one of the devotions on this site. (I also like to read the comments and feedback from other women). But, I really wanted to tell you about what I’m reading now. It’s a book called What Women Fear by Angie Smith (you may be familiar with her blog). Sometimes, I struggle to get through books that aren’t novels, but I look forward to any spare minute I can read more of this one. I’m almost finished, and some of the chapters sound like I could’ve written them myself. Each chapter addresses a specific fear—real or irrational—that most of us girls have at some point in our lives and lines them up with someone in the Bible who had the same fear. If you read it, I’d love to hear your thoughts. (Or maybe you already have. It’s been out for a couple of years. I’m always behind the curve. . . )

What’s your morning routine? Do you take a minute to breathe?

(I hear little feet kicking the wall as I’m writing this. Time’s up!)


  1. says

    Quiet time is such a blessing. I get mine after I drop the kids at school and before I start work. This book sounds right up my alley and am adding it to my reading wish list. I’m reading The Circle Maker (Praying Circles Around Your Biggest Dreams and Greatest Fears) by Mark Batterson. I had the pleasure of attending his church in DC this weekend when I visited my sister-in-law. I’m really enjoying it so far.

  2. Alice says

    I have read that some bloggers see their follower number decline if/when they post something pertaining to faith in God. Just wanted to give you a big thumbs-up for letting your light shine regardless. I enjoy your blog so much and appreciate your mindset. Blessings to you.

  3. says

    I just heard Angie Smith on focus in the family a few weeks ago and she talked about that book so I just ordered it for myself as I deal with a lot of different fears and anxiety in general. Thank you for sharing and so glad you get to enjoy some quiet time in the morning!

  4. Brooke tinch says

    I too, love a quite morning. With discipline I can wake up earlier than the rest. And have my time in my chair or on my front porch, coffee and devotional in hand, and just be!
    It sets the tone for the best days ahead.

  5. Heidi O'Mara says

    Reading you is my treat for the day! I relate so much to you as I also have five children. I always wonder how you do it??!!

  6. says

    Thank you so much for the book recommendation! I’ve been looking for a new devotional book and this one sounds perfect. I wish I was awake enough in the mornings to actually process what I read, so I usually read all of my mindless stuff, news, blogs, etc. while drinking my coffee. I try to go to bed early enough that I’m not dead exhausted to read a little before falling asleep. Sometimes my husband joins in and it’s much needed quiet prayer time at the end of our day; we’ve been reading The Meaning of Marriage by Timothy Keller.

  7. Monica says

    Just ordered it! Thanks for the recommendation. Jealous of your quiet time. So hard to achieve with little ones in the house! I saw your instagram post when the babies escaped the crib, and I now have the same thing with my 20 month old. What did you end up doing!? I think we are about to baby proof the room and put a mattress on the floor! Seems so cruel! Didn’t y’all do something similar? How was the transition? Obviously it went well if you are achieving quiet time!

    • says

      Oh, good luck! We just went ahead and put two twin beds with baby rails, and they’re doing great. (Most nights, they sleep together.) We put a baby gate across the doorway at night so they can’t get up and wander. It took about a week for them to adjust and now they go right to bed. Thankful for good sleepers!

  8. says

    I always do better when I have a routine, I bring my daughter to school in the morning, she’s “usually” in a good mood and the drive is about 30 minutes so it’s really when we get to do alot of talking and my 17 month old is usually still asleep and stays home with dad, by the time I get home I hear him rustling and he’ll take his morning milk in bed with me and I get some snuggle time while my husband gets ready for work. Those two alone times with my children are my favorite time with them. My son takes an early nap around 10 a.m. and that’s my alone time where I’ll read a few blogs and watch ok…no teasing I tape Super Soul Sunday and also Joel Osteen throughout the week and I’ll watch one of the programs. I’ve found as I’ve gotten older that although I am Catholic I’d probably label myself more spiritual than religious and the shows I watch always have a good message and I walk away wanting to be better person.

  9. Robin Pena says

    I’ve been looking for just this so thanks for the recommendation! I discovered Jenn Hatmaker (a writer out of Austin) several years ago & find both her blog & books to be delightful. Funny, real, divinely inspired & entertaining. Usually right in line with what my soul needs at the moment.

  10. says

    I’m lucky that my children are grown and so i get to spent a little extra time in bed in the morning. I’m often to be found propped up with pillows with the laptop open as i peruse blogs. Certainly an inspiring way to start the day.


  11. JennyBC says

    I have the book by Angie Smith but haven’t read it yet. You have motivated me to move it to the top of the racing list. I have read the Circle Maker, mentioned in a previous comment. It is an excellent book on prayer. I recommend it as well. Presently, I am reading Gospel by J. D. Greear. We are doing the study in our life group. It is very good and quite compelling about living out the Gospel in our lives as part of who we are instead of just when we need to claim the gospel. I get up an hour before my son, at 5:30 to have quiet time. It’s hard some days but necessary if I really want uninterrupted time. I am in a much better frame of mind for it though so that motivates me to get up.

  12. Kaye Kruetzn says

    When I was a single mom raising two children, I seldom found time for morning devotions. Now that I am retired, alone, and have all the time I want for myself, I treasure the quiet time at my kitchen table with a cup of tea, my Bible, and my loving God. I wish so much that I had made more time to stop and study and pray when my children were here. I would have been a kinder, more patient mother. My children would have benefitted from my time with the Lord, and my days would have taken a better path by starting with Him by my side. Thankfully, God is gracious. I have two loving daughters who seem to think their mom did pretty well. Emily, you stay committed to your quiet time. Your children will love you for it!

  13. Leanne says

    Thank you for the book recommendation. I just ordered it from the library. I love starting out each morning with my quiet time, but some days it gets rushed as I have to get out the door and go to work. but I keep working on it. It’s wonderful that you have a couple of days a week to spend alone.

  14. says

    Emily, I was attracted to your website and now I understand it better. The Christian undercurrent came through. Isn’t it wonderful that Christ’s spirit is so alive? Thanks for the tip about the book you are reading and if you don’t already have a daily devotional, I highly recommend Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. It is in most book stores and also Hallmark; even Publix.

  15. Heidi says

    I love my quiet time! I am sitting here at 5:07 in my quiet and dark house. I get up every morning at 4:30 so I can have an hour of quiet time to myself before it’s time to get myself in the shower and get my day started. I love my family but this hour to myself gets my day off to the best start!

  16. Fran says

    I will have to order that book! Thank you for sharing this part of your life and encouraging others to carve out a time in their day to draw near the Lord. If you haven’t read Becoming More Than A Good Bible Study Girl by Lysa Terkeurst it will not disappoint. I am now reading it again and it’s just as good the second time around!

  17. says

    I try to get up a bit early to do whatever bible study I might be in at the moment, just finished up Beth Moore’s James, and then I am doing Jesus Calling this year too. I find if I don’t start out that way, it’s pretty hard to live in the spirit and not the flesh for the day. :)

    Glad to hear you get some quiet time in the mornings too!

  18. Karen Little says

    Thank you for sharing this, Emily. My husband and I lead a College and Career small group in our church and we’ve totally loved the Mark Batterson book as well. I will check out the one you recommended, too! I am so encourged by reading your post today—it’s just what I needed to read. My son and daughter-in-law have six children, ranging in age from 10 months to 11 years—-five of them are boys!——and she, too, tries to make a huge effort to have her quiet time with our wonderful Lord each day. Thanks again for the post and the encouragement to have that quiet time no matter what life “stage” we’re in. I love you’re blog and hope to visit your booth when we visit our good friends in Charlotte some time later this year!

  19. Jane ahlert says

    Thanks for the “real” recommendation. My husband and I are reading DNA of Relationships by Gary Smalley. It has so much about our deep fears and how those create our Hot Buttons in relationships. It has helped me. I ordered the book you recommended can’t wait to read it!
    I love your blog!

  20. Traci S. says

    I bought this book for my nook app on my ipad after reading this post. I was able to sit this morning with my coffee and enjoy a few pages and I am hooked! Thank you for sharing!

  21. Martha says

    I’m reading Imitate Their Faith, a wonderful book about real men and women in the bible who displayed admirable qualities in all sorts of situations. I found it very inspiring to help me develop the same qualities. It’s available at http://www.jw.org/en/publications/books/true-faith/ and can be downloaded at no cost.

    Good for you Emily to share what’s important to you and for using your “free” hour to do something really beneficial.

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