Mapping Out Your Black Friday Strategy

Black Friday is just around the corner, so it’s time to start mapping out your shopping strategy.   My advice? Go in with a plan and rethink who—and what—you usually shop for on this day.  HomeGoods is a great place to start.  Besides the deeply discounted prices (up to 60% off everyday), their selection is constantly changing, which makes it easy to find unique, brand name items.


This week, HomeGoods and Popsugar challenged me to come up with a way to tackle Black Friday.  While most of the other shoppers are in the more “gifty” sections of the store, I’ll be shopping the perimeter and stocking up on household items—for others and myself. (Wouldn’t it feel good to buy it now, put it away and have a few new things for a fresh start in January?)

I snapped some pictures of my Black Friday shopping suggestions on a recent trip to HomeGoods.  Although they might not be what you would traditionally give, sometimes the most practical gifts are also the most appreciated.  I also found a few larger decorative items that would work with almost anyone’s style.    



I could personally never have enough big, soft, white towels.  I think they’re a luxury and useful to just about anybody on your list.



New sheets in a really high thread count are the perfect and practical solution—for you or someone else :)  And, these were marked half-price of what you’d normally pay in a department store.




Bed pillows are those things we could always use but I just hate spending the money on.  If others on your list feel the same, HomeGoods is a great place to stock up on brand name, good-quality pillows.



laundry hamper

Laundry baskets may not be your first gifting thought, but a pretty lined, woven one is a great option.  If you want to be extra-nice, fill it with some favorite household products.




Nice, non-slip hangers are great for gifting now, and will be perfect once you resolve to get your closet organized in the new year.  (And, check out the fun colors in the background. All kinds of possibilities for a colorful closet!)



accent table

While furniture is often a hard thing to choose for someone else, this little drum table could work in lots of places—even as a spare seat.  And, you can’t go wrong since mixing metals within the same room is huge right now.



wall clock

A large wall clock would work for the home or office. I  liked the octagonal shape and slight industrial feel of this one.



framed chalkboard

A chalkboard in a pretty frame is useful, stylish and can add some texture to a room.  Write a holiday wish on it and wrap it with a big bow for an easy gift.



small rugs

You may not find many holiday shoppers in the rug aisle, but a textured rug in a small size works for the kitchen, laundry room, bath or by the back door.  Going with a neutral color is a safe bet.  Easy to roll up and tie with ribbon for pretty packaging.




Gifting home accessories can be tricky, but this potted, faux boxwood is a classic choice and can be used throughout the year.  These were big and only $50.  (At that price, a pair would be perfect!)



If you’re one of “the brave”, how do you avoid Black Friday craziness?



Be sure to follow the TJX brands on Twitter (HomeGoods, Marshalls, and TJMaxx).  They’ll be tweeting out each week’s holiday shopping challenge and those who tweet photos of their best finds with the hashtag #TheGifter will be entered to win that week’s drawing for a $500 TJX gift card.  See the live feed of other shoppers’ finds here.


(Disclosure: This post was sponsored by TJX through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated to write a post about TJX #TheGifter, all opinions are my own.)


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    I love the idea of practical gifts. I had been thinking about pillows as a gift, and you helped solidify this idea. I would love to receive any of the gifts you listed!

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    I have only succumbed to Black Friday shopping once, and it was easy peasy. I didn’t arrive until about an hour after the sale started, was in/out and back home in 45 minutes! Back in bed 15 minutes later, lol. Thanks for the wonderful gift ideas; I would love to receive any of them. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

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    I love your ideas on the towels and bed linens! I know personally I prefer to select my own decorative items for my space, so the other items on your list do seem very indulgent and special. Who wouldn’t love fresh fluffy towels?!!!

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