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I wanted to share the results of our last photo session with the talented Lindsay Hart.  To say that this shoot was a challenge would be an understatement.  I’ll spare you all the details but it happened on the most humid day in August when I’m pretty sure the temperature was around 150 degrees.  There were lots of mosquitos, ant hills, and sweaty, unhappy people involved (including one nine-year-old who was appalled his mother made him wear skinny jeans).  Oh, and did I mention that we locked the keys in our car and had to wait until after dark for a locksmith to find us?  Fun times, for sure.  I’m crossing my fingers that Lindsay will ever say yes to taking our family pictures again. . .


Somehow, she was still able to work her magic without ever getting flustered. Here are some of my favorites:































A HUGE thanks to Lindsay and her assistant Kelly for sweating with us to get these pictures!  If you’re in the Charlotte area, you can contact Lindsay and see more of her work here:



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    Love the pics. Especially the one with one twin in your hand and the other grabbing your legs… a quintessential and all too familiar twin mom moment

  2. says

    Seriously, you are tiny for a mama-o-five! Your girls are such beauties, and I love that there’s no matchy matchy crap going on but all the colors coordinate.

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    You seriously have the sweetest looking family ever. Your family photos always turn out so brilliant and fun! Love. And let’s chat about your dress which is totally amazing…

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Gorgeous photos! I especially love the one of your daughter with the blue eyes! She looks like an angel Priceless photos that look like you were having a great time (even considering the weather!).

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