A Quirky Shopping Trip to The Home Depot

It’s become a running joke in our family that whatever you get my Dad for Christmas will never be met with enthusiasm or surprise.  He’s even been known to say things like “Now, why would you get me this?” So, since it’s either laugh or be offended, we just laugh. . .




But, we keep buying him things—even though he tells us not to—and, each December, I’m always at a loss when it comes to his gift.  So, when The Home Depot recently contacted me about putting together a gift from their new line of “Quirky” products for someone special on my list, I knew exactly who I was going to shop for. . .




I went to my local Home Depot last week, and the Quirky display was impossible to miss.  I found several of the Quirky Wink home automation products at the store.  There’s some pretty fascinating stuff—things you never even knew you needed :)  For example, the “pivot power genius” can control power to anything from anywhere (letting you turn stuff on and off when you’re not home!)—and can be controlled by downloading an app on your smartphone.  (The friendly Home Depot guy said this was his favorite one.)





I also picked up two other Quirky gifts while I was there.  The “porkfolio” is a smart piggy bank that works with any Wi-Fi network and lets you track your savings, set financial goals and check your balance from anywhere.   The “egg minder” not only holds your eggs, but tells you when you’re running low and which ones are the oldest.



Humorous and useful—just like my dad :)



I figured the gift packaging might as well be a little quirky, too, so I picked up a big galvanized tub while I was there:





Who’s the quirkiest person you have to shop for this year?



*Disclosure: I was compensated by The Home Depot for this post and received a gift card to purchase the products, but all opinions are my own.


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    I laughed when I was reading this, my dad was just like that. My business partner now is the quirkiest/hardest person to buy for. He never uses anything I give him “too girly”, “meh” and “I am going to use it…someday” are the things I’ve heard through the past decade. I have already asked him if he wants this year’s gift, which was something he wanted over the summer, so hoping that it works this time!

    xo Mary Jo

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    My stepdad. We have bought him an elf hat, a lump of coal and wrapped a gift card in a gigantic box. One year we got him 10 $5 Home Depot gift cards and individually wrapped them. This year we got him Abraham Lincoln band aids.

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    Emily, how did you hang the deer head on your bookshelves? 3M hooks? I am thinking of doing the same thing, but I don’t want to make a mistake that ends in breakage! Thank you! I love your blog!!

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    I have several friends that are a challenge to shop for but, by far, the hardest person is my dad. He wants nothing, seems to have everything, but is too important to go unforgotten.

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    my dad is the hardest. He’s got everything he needs. He doesn’t want anything. He’s accumulated a closet full of ties. We’ve run out of ideas. Though my dad doesn’t say it, he definitely doesn’t look merry on christmas past. Hopefully these will help.

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