Family Room Gallery Wall: Free Art Links

When I assembled the gallery wall around our TV one Saturday, I quickly found out that I had more frames than actual art to put in them. Fortunately, I only needed my computer and printer to remedy that.

For those of you who have asked, I thought I would share some links to the actual art I used. (I went with a somewhat nautical theme, mainly because I had two sea fans that I had bought on Ebay a while ago and wanted to use them in the arrangement.)

My favorite of the bunch is the octopus:

Octopus vulgaris, var. Americanus.
While I can only imagine my reaction if I actually came face to face with one of these creatures in the ocean, all of their squiggly legs do make for some beautiful artwork :)
Mexico, or, New Spain : divided into the audiance of Guadalayara, Mexico, and Guatimala, Florida. 
I also framed a copy of a vintage map.  This isn’t the exact one on my wall, but there are tons of great options.  A whole gallery of these would look amazing.
Die "Victoria."
Since the art had different colorations online, I first saved them all to my computer and then brightened them and changed them to the same black and white tone in my photo editing program.  Just to keep things interesting, I mixed in the sea fans (spray painted and placed  in a shadow box) for texture and added some black and white photographs that I already had.


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    Emily thanks for this post on about downloadable art. I had been looking for some botanicals for my bathroom. But I wanted them in black and white. Love the Vintage Printable site. Thanks again!

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    Thank you so much for the tip on the NYPL galleries. You’ve pulled together a great collection and I’m looking forward to seeing how it evolves as you find new pieces.

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    those prints are amazing! i’m not even kidding that my hubby and i were just talking last night about what kind of prints he wants me to use on the eclectic wall design in his office. thank you so much for sharing where you found yours! i can’t wait to check out that NYPL site.

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    Visiting via a Hodge Podge feature….LOVE this idea. I’m always wondering what to do with the wall where my LARGE flat screen is located. So stealing this idea….if you don’t mind. ;)

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    This is beautiful! Can I ask you how large your television is compared to the dresser? My screen is 40″ and I don’t want to get anything too big or too small! Thanks so much! :)

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    A pretty late comment, I know, but I found it on Pinterest and it looks great. I’m wondering where you put all the other electronic “stuff”–the cable box, DVD, etc. that need to be visible for the remotes? Am I missing some technology trick? Thanks!


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