Decorating With Our Summer Shells

I’m seeing all kinds of Fall and even Christmas(!) images pop up on Pinterest these days, but I’m still savoring the last of Summer.

sea shells


Since it doesn’t look like we’re going to make it back to the beach this season, the kids and I did the next best thing and played with our shells instead. (That’s a sad consolation prize, huh?)

Camera Roll-1861


We love collecting them on vacation and always bring home a ton, but do nothing with them. So, this year, the kids painted them and made me (heavy!) necklaces, while I grabbed the hot glue gun and created a simple souvenir to hang in our powder room.

painting shells




painted shells


Camera Roll-1818


Camera Roll-1813


Camera Roll-1810

(I found the shadow box frame at Marshall’s for $7.)


framed shells


Photo 1 - 2014-08-26


Please tell me you haven’t pulled out any pumpkins or lighted snowmen yet. . .

An Attic Office Space

Is it weird that I mentally redecorate our house for twenty years down the road when I haven’t even finished decorating it the first time around yet? Although I’m still working on getting the boys’ upstairs room finished, I already think about what kind of “design studio” it could become one day. . .

This little office space has similar angles and has my (future) wheels turning:

attic office 


design-studio image via The Wicker House

Considering I just dropped one off at kindergarten this morning, it’s probably not time to start decorating their spaces post-graduation yet. Right?! Besides, if I turn our upstairs into a design studio, where will all of the grandkids sleep??

Do you do future decorating in your head, too?

The Saturday 6

It’s a late afternoon Saturday 6 post today. We just got home from a day of soccer in what felt like 150-degree heat. Hope you’re having a good weekend.


1. Love the feel of this house.


2. A cute way to save everything your kids make—without saving everything.

  House Beautiful

3. Maybe I’ll start collecting plates. (And other ideas for what to put on your walls.)

  diy-nail-polish-tray via I Heart Organizing

4. Get out your nail polish and make something pretty.


5. A fun and functional entry.


6. I rarely give fashion advice but thought I’d pass along this find. I just bought these* for the transition into Fall and love them. They give me just enough height, but the heel is still blocky enough that they’re really comfortable. (Is blocky a fashion word?)

*Affiliate link used. :)