The One Thing Every Sofa Needs

One of the quickest ways to refresh your living room—or a couch you’re completely over—is by changing out the pillows. We’ve all heard it a hundred times.

But, I’m campaigning for bigger pillow sizes, as long as you’re making a change. I think every sofa needs at least one pair—if not more—of big pillows to anchor the ends. Think 26 inches—the same size as the big, square Euro shams that are on your bed. If it were up to me, 16-inch pillows would be banned. And, 18-inch pillows walk a pretty fine line with me.

choosing-sofa-pillows Design Manifest


Sometimes, the larger size is hard to find ready-made from the big box retailers. But, a lot of Etsy pillow sellers are now offering a pull-down menu on their listings, giving you a choice of sizes. For the bigger pillows, I order 24” pillow covers and stuff them with 26” down inserts. (My favorite inserts are from here.) You may end up spending a little more for the extra inches, but I promise it’ll be worth the difference once they’re on your couch.





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How I Use Instagram (And What It’s Becoming)

As far as bloggers go, I was actually a little late to the Instagram party. I closed my personal Facebook account over a year ago (and don’t miss it one bit, by the way), but loved the idea of being able to share “instant” pictures of moments throughout my day. Or, at least, that’s what I thought I was suppose to be sharing. . . instagram

I read this post last week, and it pretty much hit the nail on the head as to what Instagram has become among a lot of bloggers. Hours and hours of prep work to get a perfectly posed or styled—and often professionally photographed—Instagram picture. Something about that doesn’t feel very “instantaneous” to me. And, it’s kind of disappointing.

The thing is, though, the one with the most perfect Instagram “wins” in the social media race to gain more followers. I’m not saying I don’t follow those accounts. Because I do. And, I like them a lot. But, it makes me rethink how I use Instagram personally—and for my blog. The longest I’ve ever spent styling a photo for Instagram is maybe three minutes tops. I want my pictures to be an extension of my blog, but I also want it to be a look at my life and who/what I really love. You know, those people and places that aren’t online. The ones I actually live with in the real world.

That being said, I understand that most people following me on Instagram aren’t looking for 67 photos of my adorable kids every week. You don’t know them or their sweetness. And, I get that. But, I’m their proud momma, and they’ll surely make an appearance every now and then. Some will love it, some will be annoyed. That’s fine—either way.

I tend to gravitate toward those Instagrammers that show me a little bit of both sides. The really-pretty-but-there’s-no-way-that’s-real-life photos and the my-kid’s-science-project-because-it’s-awesome-and-I’m-proud photos. Like any social media, I want to go there—and leave—feeling more happy and inspired and less like a complete failure in the way I’m mothering, dressing, cooking, and (not) traveling  :) You know what I mean, right?


How do you use Instagram? What kind of accounts do you like to follow best?

(If you’re interested, you can follow my very imperfect, usually unstyled life here.)

3 Good Buys On Black & White Stripes

Sharing three recent finds today. . . As you know, I think every home—and wardrobe—can always use some black and white stripes:

 472961 5X8 GRAPHIC STP BK WT DHURRIE  Department 3 Vendor SURI SONS                      Season Code 777 FALL                           Collection

#1 World Market Striped Dhurrie Rug

(Bigger sizes very reasonably priced—and occasionally on sale!)



striped hoodie

#2 Old Navy Striped Jersey Hoodie

I just bought this, and it’s the softest, most comfortable top ever. And, it’s just $12 right now—with an extra 30% off today! (Would it be wrong for me to wear one every day of the week?)



black-white-shower-curtain #3 Target Threshold Color Block Shower Curtain

This simple shower curtain is a classic—and would work with just about any color scheme. It’s only $20 and 10% off with code MADNESS.