FIVE Years.

I looked back at my blog to see when I actually started, and my first post was five years ago today. Five very eventful years. I surprise myself that I’ve been able to stick to it that long. It’s amazing how time flies when you’re having fun—and doing something that you love.



So, although no big “blog-iversary” giveaways or celebrations, I do want to say a heartfelt thanks for reading. This blog has been good for me in so many ways, and I’m really grateful for what it’s become. So, thank you—really.


(Any questions about the blog itself or how I do things? I had considered putting that kind of post together and will if you’re interested. Leave your questions in the comments.)

When A Magazine Comes To Shoot Your House. . .

Although it’s been more than a year since the Better Homes & Garden crew was here to shoot our house, I thought you might like to see some (not-so-great-iPhone) pictures I took behind the scenes on the day they were here.

Camera Roll-248


If you think the house was magazine-ready and just waiting for the photographer to show up, you’d be wrong. We were literally working into the eleventh hour to get everything ready. Here’s my husband hanging the cornice board in the girls’ bedroom around 11:30 the night before. . .

Camera Roll-230


Camera Roll-231

Looks good, even if it didn’t make the magazine. Whoops. . . Well, at least it’s hung now and we can check that off the list! :)



Behind the camera. . . I pulled lots of accessories out I thought they might want to use. After all, I’d changed up a few things from the original photos they saw of the house.

Camera Roll-252

Camera Roll-251


They didn’t bring in too many props. Mainly just a few things to add splashes of color (like the yellow pillow they used on our bed).

Camera Roll-239




A more colorful doormat and some red flowers for the front steps:

Camera Roll-243


I’m kind of sad that I didn’t yet have my blue and white lamps or the new green front door when they were here.

Camera Roll-238


Flowers! (My favorite part.)

Camera Roll-233

Camera Roll-229


Camera Roll-249

Camera Roll-253


Shot that took the longest to style:


Sometimes, the simplest ones are the hardest to get just right. (We ended up borrowing the kitchen runner to add some texture on the floor.)

Camera Roll-245

Camera Roll-250


Tricks of the trade:

Camera Roll-241

Pillow propping.


Camera Roll-277

Duct tape to get the pillow edges to stand up just right.


Camera Roll-240

We quickly “made” a runner out of some placemats I had.


The kids got home from school for the last couple of hours of the shoot. Apparently, they have aspirations of being magazine stylists, too. I found this after everyone left for the day.

Camera Roll-272


This one couldn’t have been happier to be singled out for her own photo shoot:

Camera Roll-264




Camera Roll-232


And, they saved the best (aka “hardest”) for last—the family shot. . . Thankful that my friend Katie was on hand for moral support and to wrangle the troops.

Camera Roll-271

Camera Roll-255

Camera Roll-260

And, that’s a wrap!

You can see how it all turned out in the current issue of Refresh magazine. And, if you pick up a copy, be sure to look for Elizabeth’s house, too! So fun to get to share an issue with one of my blogger friends.

Pattern Under The Kitchen Bar Counter


Ever since I first saw this image here, I’ve been thinking how fun a bold pattern could be under a kitchen bar area. This is obviously a commercial space, but I can see doing something similar in a home with an all-white kitchen. Instead of tiles, painting or stenciling a pattern would be an inexpensive option.




Stencil found here.


(Want to see another idea? This is what I did in the kitchen in our last house.)