I’m Building A Raised-Bed Garden (Yes, Me.)

I may not be a certified farmer by the time this is over, but I’m going to attempt to grow a vegetable or two. And, I’m actually building the raised bed for my little garden.

raised-bed-garden-planning image: Lazy Sunday Cooking


Lowe’s asked me to try one of the Craftsy videos now available on their site, and if this is successful, it should be a true testament to just how easy-to-understand the instructions really are. Want to try it with me? There are a couple of free courses (including the garden) available now.

craftsy-raised-garden The online class includes video instruction + printable lists.


Right now, I’m in the planning phase of gathering my supplies and deciding what to plant. I would be thrilled to be able to make a little salad from my efforts. I’ve also been researching about how to keep our deer friends from eating it. I’m fine with planting marigolds, but I draw the line at dirty socks or spreading “predator urine” as suggested by a couple of articles I’ve read. . .

veggie-share  Illustration by Melissa McFeeters


Any suggestions from you seasoned gardeners are welcomed. :)

Design Trends That Caught My Eye At High Point Market

Last month, I attended the big furniture market in High Point for the first time. My experience was a little different than it might have been if I were still designing for clients. I wasn’t specifically sourcing anything—just walking through with the Lowe’s team, snapping pictures of pieces that I liked. (I will apologize in advance for not having specific product info.) I also filed a few away for potential DIY projects, if I get ambitious. Thought you might enjoy seeing some of the pretties I found:

navy block print fabric 

Block prints—I’m a fan!


neutral gallery wall

 colorful abstract gallery wall 

Gallery wall inspiration—abstracts anchored by large pieces.


decorating with textures 

Lots of texture and layered rugs.


gold bamboo lamp, wallpaper

Chinoiserie influenced pieces were in abundance—in accessories and wallpaper.


beaded round mirror 

Great beaded mirror. A possible DIY (for one of YOU!)? :)



 black and white inlay tables 

driftwood sunburst mirror

 I was glad to see sunbursts are still popular—more textural and not just round.


colorful books 

book spines 

Fun book spines for styling your shelves.


floral artwork

I loved these oversized florals. 




floral wallpaper

 More bold wallpaper.


fringe blankets 

studded sisal rug

Attention to detail: blankets with fringe trim and a fun studded border jazzes up a natural rug.


lucite and brass mirror 

Lucite + brass = a great combo.


seagrass chair, black pedestal table

pagoda mirror 

On my dream wish list: one of these pagoda mirrors.


table styling 

navy zebra print, foo dog fabric