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Merry Christmas to you, and a big thank you for reading my blog and for your encouraging words throughout the year. I love doing this and am so happy you choose to visit here. Wishing you a happy and peaceful season, whatever your plans may be. I’ll see you in 2015!

Three Minutes To Breathe

I know we all say it every year, but it’s really crazy what Christmas has become in relation to how it all began. How “the holidays” have become something we are trying to “survive.” How it feels like more and more “stuff” every December.

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I had forgotten how much I loved this song.  I believe it feels a lot like it did on that first Christmas night. Hopefully, you can take three minutes to stop typing or scrolling or whatever you’re doing, close your eyes and listen to this:


Wishing you a peaceful last weekend before Christmas :)

Things I’ve Bought In The Last Month

I thought it might be fun to share a few things I’ve purchased in the last month or so. After all, I’m always curious to hear what other people (i.e., girls like me) are wearing, reading, eating, etc., and what they really think about it. Aren’t you?

What Ive Bought


ESV Single Column Legacy Bible: I’ve had the New International Version for the last ten years and just switched to this ESV bible. It took me a while to find the right one, but I really like that this one is single column so there’s plenty of space to write in the margins.


Two-Faced Lip Injection lip plumper: I will tell you that the reviews were right on this one. It’s really tingly! Does it work miracles? I can see some difference, but I probably only look like Angelina Jolie in my mind. . .  I had some birthday money to spend so this was a fun splurge.


Girls’ Gap print dresses: I bought these for my two youngest girls in two different prints (the deer and horses). They are so sweet and my favorite dresses of the season so far. (There’s also a promo code on the site now for 30-50% off, depending on how much you buy.)


Stella & Dot engraved disc necklace: Is it bad that I feel I deserve a gift after doing all of the Christmas shopping (and finishing early this year!)?! Yeah, well, I thought I did, and I ordered this. My other monogram necklace that I ordered from Etsy broke a while back,  and I wore it almost every day. I thought this would be a good replacement. (This one also comes in silver.)


Lauren Conrad lace ponte top: I will admit to regularly watching Laguna Beach and The Hills when they were on TV, and I will also admit to loving LC’s clothing line at Kohl’s. I bought this top in ivory and thought it would work with a pencil skirt or jeans. 


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