Getting Personal (With Shutterfly)

Beautiful images and well-designed spaces are pretty easy to come by these days. But, just replicating those ideas in your own house doesn’t necessarily translate into a place you love to be. For me, at least, it comes down to those little details that are special to me (and the other six people who live here).

It’s not just about perfect design.

It’s really about feeling happy and comfortable in your home.  



Shutterfly recently asked me to style some of my spaces using products from their personalized home collection. (I’ve used them lots of times for photos, but never before for other products). I love the beauty—and significance—of old family photos and thought this would be a good way to work them into our home.


sweet-memories photo-candle 

I only had a scanned copy of this photo of my grandparents (pre-their-five-kids; how glamorous do they look?!). I wondered how the quality would be once I uploaded it and put it on this candle, but I am so pleased with the way it turned out. The quality is great and the candle smells wonderful. (I ordered the grapefruit blossom.) This may be my new go-to gift.




I also ordered a monogrammed fleece throw. I went with the larger size and wanted you to see how it would look folded across the foot of our (queen) bed.



I think it’s such a classic look, but honestly, it’ll probably end up in our den because it’s just the right weight for TV watching. :) I don’t always love fleece, but this one isn’t too thick and is really soft. Another great—personalized—gift idea that comes in tons of colors and font options. (I ordered navy and used the “Bodoni” font.)




(I told you. It didn’t stay folded on my bed for long.)



Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Shutterfly through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about Shutterfly, all opinions are my own.

Moving & Being More “Here”


Although we’ve just moved into this house, I’m already dreaming up all kinds of fun happenings in my head. One of my favorite parts of the outside is the big side yard. My first thought, of course, was hosting Father of the Bride style wedding receptions for our girls with big white tents set up, dripping with string lights and beautiful music. I’m also looking forward to having yard parties with our friends around the fire pit and the patio (that’s still years away from being built). Oh, how easy it is to get lost in the what will be and miss the what’s right now.



What right now means for me is helping everybody transition well, trying to find the box where I packed my hair dryer and their underwear, and feeding the kids fast food every night for a solid week. (In other words, complete survival mode.) I want these days in our new house to be more than me flipping out like an unorganized mad woman (although that’s already happened a few times).

Overall, the kids have done great with the move. But, I sometimes forget that change—even when it’s good—can be tough on everyone. I want them to remember this as a happy time, an exciting new adventure. And, that can sometimes mean just stopping everything you should be doing to just be together.




It was pretty much perfect timing when Dixie® reached out to me about partnering with them for their “Be More Here” campaign, which focuses on being more present in the moments that matter—even if they’re short lived. (I happen to think paper plates are a necessity, anyway… At least in our kitchen.)

So, after a looooong weekend of moving in, I said to heck with all of the stuff I needed to do, and we did a little “side yard memory making.” I needed to breathe and they needed to just have me be still for a minute. We also played some America’s Got Talent (because it’s their favorite show), and they all do “acts.” Truthfully, the whole picnic lasted about 10 minutes before ants started crawling on the blanket and people started fighting. But, we did it—and (I think) that’s what counts.





It’s good to stop sometimes. I hope you are encouraged to grab some paper plates and do the same :)


See other ideas for how to more present for the moments that really matter here.


Compensation for this post was provided by Dixie® via AOL Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Dixie or AOL.

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