Because Walls Need Love

I think one of the biggest reasons people don’t hang something on their walls is fear. Fear of messing up, fear of committing to a long-term idea they’ll quickly tire of, or fear of wasting money on a plan that might not work out. Walls Need Love might be the answer to all of those. After spending lots of time exploring their site, I was pretty shocked at how far wall decals have come since I last used them.


Walls Need Love creates removable decal products that are applied by just peeling and sticking and can be removed easily with no damage to your walls. Perfect for the person afraid to commit to a long-term design. Perfect for the person who can’t afford 30 rolls of designer wallpaper but wants a designer look. And, even more perfect for renters who can’t do anything permanent. Their site has so many great options (and ideas on how to use them). Here are a few of my favorites:















(I may never paint stripes again!)


Walls Need Love is giving away a $150 gift card to their site! To enter, simply use the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!


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Garden Projects: A Bicycle And A Bowling Ball

garden pond

The kids and I are spending the week visiting my parents, so blogging will be a little on the light side. When we’re here in the summer, I’m always in awe of their backyard. It’s my dad’s favorite hobby, and he knows the name of every flower, where (or who) it came from, and how it fared last year compared to this year. It all sounds like a foreign language to me, but it sure is pretty to look at. He just finished two little projects that I thought you might like to see.

He’s a fan of using these garden orbs in different spots:

garden orb




(And, so is my two-year-old, apparently. . . )


patio decorating


I was with him several weeks ago when he bought some old bowling balls for a dollar each at a yard sale.  He sprayed one with this textured spray, and the weight of the ball is perfect for the outdoors.

spray painting bowling balls


flower bed orb


DIY garden orb



He has also used his old bicycle beside the back porch, and added a bicycle basket as a planter:

bicycle basket planter


vintage bicyle planter


He also started a hummingbird vine growing up the tires:

bicycle tire vines


I love that this bicycle is in their backyard, as it involves one of my most vivid childhood memories. I thought it was traumatic at the time, but now it seems funny. We used to always ride our bicycles through a nearby cemetery (weird?!). I was probably six and on my own bike, and my sister was two, sitting in the back seat on my dad’s bike. I’m not completely sure what happened, but I can still see my dad wrecking, and my sister go flying out of that seat and bouncing on the paved path in the cemetery.

vintage bicycle

In my six-year-old mind, I thought for sure they were both dead. (And, in such an appropriate spot!) Fortunately, they made both made it, but I’m not sure if my mom let him take us for many rides through the cemetery after that. . . 

old bicyle in outdoor decorating